Fort Myers The Clan And The Graduate (6/11/03)

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okay here is the lineup.... L to R, T to B...

Patty Hickman- Grandma (father's mother)

Dena Nelson- Aunt (mom's sister)

Nicholas Love- Nephew (sister's son)

Myself- The Graduate (Brandy - or BJ - Harper)

Chuck Hermanson- Mother's step-father (NOT my grandfather)

Christine (Chrissie) and Jaeden (Harper) Love- Sister and nephew (sister's son)

Edna Hermanson- Grandma (mother's mother)

Michael (Shane) Love- Brother-in-law (sister's husband)

Caroline (Susie) Vause- Great aunt (grandmother's sister)

Pearl Byrd- Great, Great Grandmother (mother's grandmother, grandmother's mother)

Will Harper- grandfather (father's father)

Barbara Harper- mother

Patty Brumfield- aunt (father's sister)

Phillip Brumfield- cousin (father's nephew)

Larry Brumfield- uncle (father's brother-in-law)

Allison Nelson- cousin (mother's neice)

Terrie Harper- aunt (father's sister)

Gilbert Harper- father


Missing from Immediate family:

Lovetta (Harper) Wargo aunt (Father's sister) and Son Davie, and husband George


Will Harper, MCSE (NT, W2K, XP), MCSA, MCT, CCNA, CTT+, N+, FOI Instructor

MCSE Certification Trainer, Professor, Consultant

ECPI College of Technology (Independent Trainer)

Ballroom, Latin, and Country & Western Dancer