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Technical Resume (The boring details)


REVISION DATE:                                                                                   Feb 2006


SSN:                                                                                                    (By Request)

Microsoft MCP ID:                                                                                  442293

CompTIA ID:                                                                                          COMP10592092

Cisco ID:                                                                                               CISACO10618728

NAME:                                                                                                  HARPER, WELDON L. (Will)

BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER:                                                                 


WEBSITE:                                                                                            http://www.willharper.com

CURRENT SECURITY CLEARANCE:                                                      DoD SECRET 

HIGHEST DEGREE:                                                                              MBA (Management)


AAS (Networking) ECPI College of Technology (Completion 11/03)

Microsoft Certifed Trainer 7/2002, 10/2002, 10/2003  (Microsoft Transcript Link) (Trainer "Bragging Rights" Link)

ETA Certified Trainer/Certification Administrator for Fiber Optics Installers  9/02

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) 12/2001

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), 1997-2003

Microsoft Certified Professional (+Internet) 7/1997

Graduate MS (Computer Science) work, Old Dominion Univ., 1984

MBA, Management, Golden Gate University, 1981

BS, Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Computer Technology, Auburn Univ., 1969



n       Certifications                                                                                                   Date


70-272 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System Mar 10, 2006
70-271 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System Feb 27, 2006
70-282 Designing, Deploying and Managing a Network Solution for the Small and Medium-sized Business Feb 14, 2006

070-296: Plan, Impl Maint Server 2003 Env for MCSE Certified on Windows 2000    1/3/05

070-292: Man Maint Server 2003 Env for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000        10/27/04

SY0-101: CompTIA Security+                                                                                     8/17/04

Designing Security for a Microsoft® Windows Server? 2003 Network             (Beta)  10/9/03

Implement, Manage, & Maintain a MS Win Srvr 2003 Network Infrastructure  (Beta)  6/13/03

Managing and Maintaining a MS Windows® Server 2003 Environment           (Beta)  6/12/03

Cisco Certified Network Associate                                                                               4/21/03

ETA Certified Trainer/Certification Administrator for Fiber Optics Installers                  9/1/02

ETA Certified Fiber Optics Installer                                                                               7/21/02

CompTIA Network + Certification                                                                                 3/12/02

Installing, Configuring, & Admin Windows XP Professional                                     (Beta)   1/28/02

Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment                                          12/21/01

CompTIA A+ 2001 Adaptive OS Technologies Exam                                                    12/11/01

CompTIA CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer                                                  8/24/01

Supp & Maint MS Win NT Server 4.0 Network                                              3/21/01

Design MS Win2000 Directory Services Infrastructure                                   3/8/01

Designing Security for a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Network                        2/20/01

Install., Config., and Admin. MS Clustering Services Using Win. 2000 Adv. Server       9/26/00

Designing a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Network Infrastructure                     9/18/00

Impl & Admin MS Win 2000 Network Infrastructure                                       9/6/00

Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network                                                   (Beta)   4/25/00

Implementing & Admin Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure                  (Beta)   4/24/00

Designing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure                                                (Beta)   4/18/00

Installing, Configuring, & Admin Windows 2000 Server                                           (Beta)   4/17/00

Installing, Configuring, & Admin Windows 2000 Professional                                  (Beta)   4/10/00

Implementing & Admin Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure                                 (Beta)   4/1/00

Microsoft Exchange Mail Server 5.0                                                                                 11/9/98

Microsoft Exchange Mail Server 5.5                                                                                 11/9/98

Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0/Option Pack 4                                                     11/25/98

Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0                                   7/8/97

Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 3.51                                 7/8/97

Implementing and Supporting MS Internet Information Server 3.0/Index Server                     6/26/97

Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Win NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise                        6/17/97

Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0                                         6/17/97

Networking Essentials                                                                                                    6/10/97

Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0                                 6/3/97

Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows 95                                                         5/27/97



n       KEYWORDS:

MCSE MCSA MCP CCNA Comptia A+ N+ S+ Trainer ( Training ) and consultant ( Consulting )

Computer Systems Manager/MIS Manager                 

Computer Systems & Networking Hardware & S/W Engineering, Specification  and Procurement (>$1Mil/Yr)                                                             

Computer Systems Downsizing                                                              

Microcomputer/Super-Mini, Network/Hardware Integration                         

Systems Integration and System Tuning & Optimization                           

File/Database Design                                                                            

Equipment Migration                                                                             

Assembler Language Programmer                                                          

Configuration Management                                                                     

Database/Data Catalog Management                  

Functional/Design Analyst                                                                     

Design and Development of Interactive Applications S/W                          

VME Bus Data Acquisition and Processing                                             

HF/VHF/UHF Communications (1st Class FCC License - Lapsed)             

X/S/K Band RADAR (1st Class FCC RADAR Endorsement)                     

Anti-Submarine Warfare                                                                         

Electronic Warfare                                                                                

R&D/Operational Test and Evaluation                                                      



Mr. Harper is an extremely well-balanced hardware/software/networking specialist and MIS Manager.  In spite of his many years in the business, he has never allowed his knowledge to become stagnant.  He Has a knowledge base which encompasses the very latest in leading-edge technology.  This is tempered by his years of practical experience which give him the foresight not to embrace the "bleeding edge of technology."  His most recent experience has been in designing, engineering, procuring, and integrating networked/distributed systems for Business, U.S. and foreign governments, and civilian ADP facilities being "downsized" or "rightsized."  He is equally at home in sizing and designing a state-of-the-art, fully-distributed, computer hardware suite; specifying and procuring systems software, high-end RDBMS systems, and off-the-shelf software packages; or specifying, procuring, and installing all kinds of Ethernet, FDDI, and other data communications (or teaching others to do this - correctly).  He is not simply a "desktop engineer."  Mr. Harper is the person who can make it all happen in a real environment.  This includes identifying, fabricating, and installing special cables, assembling hardware from various "open systems" vendors, and programming and troubleshooting when the inevitable happens and it doesn't all work as advertised.  In addition, Mr. Harper is also an accomplished programmer.  His experience and knowledge span a vast area from "bit-fiddling,” and encompasses many of the most modern fourth-generation (4GL) packages.  Mr. Harper's experience also spans the entire spectrum from mainframe computers, to the most modern PCs, RISC workstations, super-mini computer 2-level and 3-level distributed servers, and peer-to-peer networked stations.  He is current with all versions of DOS, Windows, Windows NT 3.1, 3.5x, 4.0, 2000, XP, and 2003 Servers with Microsoft Back-Office, SQL Server, Exchange Mail, and OS/2.  To top off all of his working-level knowledge, Mr. Harper is also unexcelled as a technical writer.  He has performed R&D, worked as a Functional Software Analyst, QA/QC Specialist, CM Specialist, and Task/Team/Project Manager.  Mr. Harper believes, and stays focused on, 5 premises for the future: (1)  The future “mainframe” will be the network; (2) The desktop (for now) belongs to Microsoft Windows (with networking); (3) Desktop workstations will rapidly migrate to Microsoft Windows NT; (4) The workgroup and small enterprises belong to Microsoft Windows NT Server with Microsoft Back-Office; and (5) Large enterprise servers will be equally divided between UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT




3/2000-present:  On-call trainer; networking and computer systems consultant.  Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Small Business Server 2003 Specialist. Work on a contract basis for a number of training facilities and small businesses.  Presently consulting with the U.S. Navy IV&V contractor and Government representatives on Windows 2000 Active directory and networking issues in the ongoing Navy-Marine Corps-wide NMCI initiative.

Consulting with and assisting a small computer engineering business in obtaining their US Government 8a certification as a Small, disadvantaged business; GSA contractor - and to obtain a DoD Secret facility clearance.  Also consulting for the US Navy in the Navy-Marine Corps Information (NMCI) systems Operational and acceptance tests.  This involves specific tasking from the COMOPTEVFOR sponsor via another small business. Hold a current DoD SECRET clearance.




7/97-8/04, taught, for 8 years, a 7-month night course at the ECPI College of Technology in Enterprise Windows 2000/NT Engineering, resulting in 80-90% MCSE certifications for my Alumni.  I also conducted the Train-the-Trainer course Windows 2000, for the ECPI teaching staff.  Finally, I was a senior instructor in the undergraduate program for ECPI College of Technology in the CIS networker curriculum.  In this capacity, I taught Windows NT Server and PRO; Windows 2000 Server and PRO; Windows XP PRO;  Windows Server 2003; Active Directory (AD) design and security; DNS design, security, testing, and troubleshooting; Cisco and Microsoft RRAS Routers, routing and switching, TCP/IP basics and advanced subnetting design and implementation; Novell Netware 5.x; Redhat Linux; A+ (Computer hardware and software basics); N+ (Computer networking basics); Advanced Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Power Point, Visio, and inter-application integration); and Programming concepts and scripting (Perl and Windows scripting). For feedback on my teaching efforts, check out my Trainer "Bragging Rights" page.


1/99-3/2000; Principal NT Engineer; InfiNet.  Assisted in the design, selection and deployment of a new, high-performance ISP site in Sterling VA.  This involved totally new thinking.  The servers at the site are “disposable.”  In the event of a loss of a server, any spare machine can be brought on line to replace the failed server.  Also worked with Product Development in preparing new products for commercial deployment after they are developed.  Performed all Y2K certifications, with no Y2K bugs discovered at the turn of the new year.  Pursuing Windows 2000 certifications.


2/02 Selected by Microsoft to be invited to Seattle for advanced training on the yet-to-be-released Windows 2000.  2000 “Charter” engineers were selected and trained in a 3-week, total immersion training program.


8/97-1/99; Consultant/Field Engineer, Snelling Technical Services/Electronic Systems, Inc.  Began as a Consultant working for Snelling (HRSD Treatment Dept) and had my contract purchased from Snelling by ESI.  Most jobs entailed 3-400 hours on site leading 3-25 of the clients’ technical personnel in systems design, installation, and integration.  Fields of endeavor ranged from HRSD to law firms, museums and jails.  All jobs led to high praise from the client and requests to return on all follow-up work.  No “direct reports” as an independent field consultant.  Also managed the esi.net web sites and contract networking.  Managed, programmed, and installed all ESI and ESI customer routers, including ISDN, Frame Relay, and T1 lines.


9/89 – 8/97, Principal Engineer, PRC Inc.

Managed all computer operations and programmer/IT operations personnel in the U.S. Coast Guard's Aviation Maintenance Management Information System.  Responsible for engineering, configuring, specifying and purchasing more than $12 million in Unix, Windows NT, and mini/micro computer and networking hardware from 1988 through 1996, including the U.S. Coast Guard hardware, data communications, networking, and system software suites.  This included specifications, procurement, configuration, installation, and tuning of all hardware (systems, networking, boards, peripherals, and large multi-gigabyte high performance SCSI RAID hard disk systems) and software.  Also included training and supporting end-users in microcomputer utilization, micro-mainframe integration, U.S. Coast Guard Standard Workstations (Unisys) PC to Digital (DEC) VAX/RISC interfaces. .  Worked closely with DEC Sales and Engineering staff in providing configuration specifications for all of the USGC AMMIS computing and networking, as well as configurations for USCG HQ and the USCG Finance Center.  AMMIS was designated as the basis for the full USCG ADP modernization program


Developed applications in MS Access and VBA.  Performed R&D in integrating Windows NT Servers with Back-Office and Exchange Mail into the PRC Corporate data systems. Data Communications Specialist; Microcomputer/Super-Mini Systems, Networking, and Hardware Integration, and Analyst.  Has also worked directly with several senior Naval Commands, in R&D tasking, as an Electrical Engineering/Computer consultant, outside of his assigned job.


Responsible for integration of the entire spectrum of data communications.


Designed and specified a nation-wide distributed computer system for the Kuwait Air Force.  This system was based upon the latest fault-resilient line of multiprocessor Sequent (DYNIX/Ptx) computers


2/89 - 9/89, Principal Engineer, Decision Systems Technologies Inc. (DSTI)

Site preparation/start-up engineer designed and directed site preparations for Honeywell DPS-6 and DEC VAX Computers.


11/83 - 2/89, Computer Systems (MIS) Manager, Advanced Technology, Inc. (now PRC Inc.)

Computer Systems (MIS) Manager, in charge of a large Honeywell DPS-6 System and 6 systems operators.  Was the senior COBOL Programmer and analyst as well.


2/83 - 11/83, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Computer Data Systems, Inc. (CDSI).

Functional/Design Analyst, was the senior analyst for the development of a huge COBOL-Transaction Processing, (OLTP) maintenance management system.  Managed 3 program specification specialists.  Five (5) programmer team leaders reported to him for technical direction.  Each team leader managed a team of 5 programmers.


8/81 - 2/83, Senior Computer Systems Analyst, Sperry Systems, Inc. (UNISYS).

Drafted a Configuration Management Plan and served as the Senior Programmer/Analyst on a UNIVAC.  Recruited, trained, and managed 12 programmers in UNIVAC LASS assembler language programming.


7/80 - 2/81, Aviation Systems MIS Manager, QED Systems, Inc.

Aviation Systems MIS Manager, led a team of eight (8) programmers in migrating software for a medium scale business from two computers onto a newly acquired Honeywell computer.  Used COBOL, RPG-II, and IBM, HP, and Honeywell JCL/ECL.


8/79 - 7/80, Tidewater/Richmond Systems Maintenance Manager, American Business Systems, Inc. (ABS).

Managed computer service/repair facilities and twenty (20) engineers / technicians including DELMARVA Peninsula, North Carolina, Richmond, and Lynchburg. Turned this business around from a losing, to a very profitable business area.


2/53 - 4/79, U.S. Navy (0E3)

Naval career included various assignments from Seaman Recruit to Senior Chief Aviation ASW Electronics Technician, followed by commissioning to rank of Lieutenant.  Advanced from E-1 to E-7 in seven years; was selected for E-8 in the 10th year of service; was selected for the highly competitive NESEP commissioning. and spot promoted to Lieutenant in 15 months.  Most duty assignments involved management and productivity of highly technical or industrial repair of technical support facilities, including aircraft, ships, and complex electronic systems.  Management responsibilities involved 3-5 levels of subordinate managers and 40 to 300 people.  This usually included signature authority to release an aircraft/ship for flight/sea.  Received numerous letters of commendation during this career.



Single and Multi-processor Intel-based Servers, Including Compaq, HP, and IBM Servers

Single and Multi-process DEC Alpha-based Unix Servers

Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT/Win 95 /Windows for Workgroups/Peer-to-Peer Networks           

IBM and other DOS-compatible

   PC/AT/XT/386/486/Pentium/EISA/Local Bus/PCI Bus                            

Ethernet LAN Data Communications/TCP/IP (Thick/Thinnet & UTP)          

FDDI Data Communications                                                                   

X.25/Frame Relay/ISDN                                     

Modems/CSU/DSU and Terminal Servers for T1/T3/RS232/RS422/RS423  

Other Peer-to-Peer DOS & DOS/UNIX Networks                                      

Sequent S2000/250, 450, and 750


AT&T 3B1 UNIX System                                                                        

DECstation/VAXstation 3100/3800/VAX 6000 series                                             

DEC RISC 5000                                                                                    

Sperry System 80                                                                                 

Honeywell Level 64/Honeywell DPS‑6                                                     

UNIVAC AN/UYK‑5(V)                                                                           

HP 3000                                                                                              

IBM 360 and 1401                                                                                 

Wang 6000 Series/OIS 140 Series/CPT 8000 dedicated word processors              

Coast Guard Standard Workstation (CTOS/BTOS)                                               

Apple MacIntosh                                                                                   



Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT Server/Windows 95-98/Novell/MS-Back-Office

UNIX/ULTRIX/OS/2 BTOS/CTOS                                                             

Honeywell DM6/TP Transaction Processing                                            

Honeywell Level 64                                                                               

Sequent DYNIX/Ptx (Multi-Processor UNIX)                                             

Others (too many to enumerate)



MS Back-Office Suite (Beta & Operational)                                             

ANSI SQL/SQL Server/Oracle/Ingres 4GL RDBMS                                  

Microsoft Access/Paradox/Rbase/dBASE RDBMS                                              

Clarion PC 4GL Development System                                                     

DPS‑6 IDS-II CODASYL DBMS                                                              

Lotus 1-2-3                                                                                           

Microsoft Excel                                                                                    

Microsoft Word/ WordPerfect

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft Visio

Quattro Pro/Quattro Pro for Windows                                                      

EXCELERATOR CASE Tool                                                                   

PLANMACS/ ESTIMACS Software Development Planner                                      

Microsoft Project/TimeLine/SuperProject/PRIMAVERA Project Management System               



Perl Scripting

Object Oriented Visual Development                                                       

C/Microsoft Access Basic/Visual BASIC                                                             

Various PC Macro Languages                                                                

ANSI 64-85 COBOL/FORTRAN/RPG II/Pascal                                        

Assemblers (MASM, A86, LASS, many others)                                       

Honeywell Level 64 JCL/GCOS-6 ECL                                                    

Micro Focus Workbench PC 4GL COBOL Development System               

Clarion PC 4GL Development System                                                     

Paradox PAL                                                                                        



Meet or exceed Continuing Education Requirements to maintain annual Microsoft MCT recertifications.

      (Review detailed list of Technical Trainer Qualifying training taken here)

Microsoft Developer Network (Enterprise)

Microsoft Technet

Microsoft Certified Partner

Monthly 3-Com Reseller/Engineering training

DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) Digital Business Associate training & quarterly updates

U.S. Navy training:

   Naval Technical Training Command "C" Schools (26 Different Schools)

   Aviation Electronics Technician (A) School

   Advanced Aviation Electronics Technician (B) School

   3M Data Analyst (Air)

   3M Data Analyst/ARRS (Surface)

   Work Study/Simplification Analyst

   Naval Instructor, Class "C"

     (Many others, too numerous to enumerate)


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Will Harper, MCSE (Server 2003, W2K, XP, NT), MCSA, MCT, CCNA, CTT+, N+, A+, FOI Instructor

MCSE Certification Trainer, Professor, Consultant

Independent Trainer

Ballroom, Latin, and Country & Western Dancer

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