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Passing the MS 70-292 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment for an MCSA Certified on Windows 2000 Certification Exam (And EVERY Cert Test)


 Updated 08/27/2009

This was an email which I composed in response to an unsolicited email from an unexpected source (Yugoslavia?).  I thought it was something that every one of my students might benefit from... Enjoy!

From: "aleksandar" <ajanko@[obfuscated].yu>
To: <harperwill@>
Subject: 70-292
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 18:10:56 +0200

Dear Mr.Harper,
I am really amazed with your knowledge.I would kindly ask you for advice. I took the exam 70-292 recently and fail.Please advise me what company or person, may be it is you can provide the best possible exam preparation for this exam to be quite confident to ace this exam next time?
Thank you a lot, ajanko@[obfuscated].yu
Hi Aleksandar

I didn't know my reputation had spread that far....

70-292 is a very difficult exam. I presume you are SKILLED in Windows 2000? If not, you may find it easier to take the individual exams, because, collectively, they are easier. (The good news is, once you pass 70-292, 70-296 is a piece of cake.)

That being said, I WAS extremely skilled in W2K and had taught it since it was first introduced in 1999 - trained by Microsoft, in Seattle (for free), as part of what they called the "Charter 2000." I also took both the W2K MCSA and the W2K MCSE upgrade instructor-led courses, BEFORE I started studying for 70-292.

At first, I used Transcender practice exams, and read everything I could find - I also followed along with all the answers and the labs on a network lab with XP, W2K Domain Controller, W03 Member Server, and W03 Domain Controller. When I was even a tiny-bit unsure of a scenario, or the reasons why an answer was right-or-wrong, I dug into W03 help, and the vast resources on the web. Altogether, I spent almost 3 months studying, and knew EVERY scenario (not memorized - I knew what it was about). I ran an NT-to-W03 migration, an IIS 5- IIS 6 Migration and a W2K-W03 domain upgrade.

Well, I FLUNKED ON THE FIRST TRY! (missed by only a couple of points). My advice to EVERYONE, including myself is: "WHEN you flunk a certification exam, don't take it personally. Donít go off and sulk, or promise yourself to study for 6 more months and try again (that never works). YOU JUST SAW WHAT WAS ON THE TEST, AND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW! Lock yourself in a room for a couple of days, a week or even two weeks (NO LONGER) and study what you didn't know - then "Get Back on That Horse, and Ride It Again!!!). The best way to be SURE you will be ready is to schedule and PAY FOR the retake exam, when you walk out of the testing room...

I am VERY PARTIAL to Transcender - I have used it since my first cert exam, 10-years or so ago. There are many other good practice exams out there (and a bunch that aren't worth the web-space that they are posted on). [Disclosure] I am also paid by Transcender to "Beta" their practice exams, before they publish them -- so I know they are the very best. BUT -- the Transcender practice test for 70-292 wasn't quite enough. After I failed the first 70-292 exam, I got a copy of "ActualTests," and went through it line-by-line. Since I knew what I was looking for, then, I picked up enough from it to fill in a few blanks, reviewed the Transcender again, and retook it. (Blew it away this time.)

(You are getting the $2000.00 treatment here... I get paid to teach this...) The secret to passing ANY test is to study for it correctly. (Everybody knows that, but very few know what that means.)

But you don't have to guess. Here is where your preparation comes in... Go back and re-read the scenario and find the words that make the answers 60/40 (and you win!!!)

Will Harper,
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