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Ernie Andrews

To Whom It May Concern:

  Subject:            Recommendation for Weldon Harper

  The purpose of this letter is to provide the strongest of recommendations for Mr. Weldon Harper.  Mr. Harper served as one of my most trusted and dependable employees for over eight (8) years during the period September 1985 through March 1994.  I have therefore worked very closely with him in times of high stress and heavy production periods.  I can categorically state that he is one of the most dedicated and talented employees with whom I have ever had the privilege of working.

  Specifically, Mr. Harper’s dedication and loyalty was unsurpassed while he worked for me.  Many times this was to his own personal detriment as he worked tirelessly and devoted whatever time that was needed to get the job at hand done, and done correctly.  His expert knowledge level of a variety of PC, mini, and mainframe software packages and hardware interfaces was extraordinary.  He consistently applied his expert knowledge and skills to assure production deliverables were developed and delivered within budget and schedule.  Additionally, he single handedly and successfully designed and developed the technical solutions for several complex systems integration proposals for additional new work.  His technical writing skills are exceptional.  Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Harper enjoys working and researching new technical areas which will help solve the tough technical issues that arise during software development efforts or even in normal routine production efforts.  His derived solutions were consistently of the highest quality within reasonable cost, yet he always seems to be able to inject a certain elegance into his solutions that captures the interest of managers and technical people alike.  He was truly a most valued resource during the entire time that we worked together.

  In summary, I strongly recommend Mr. Harper for any employer looking for an outstanding high-level assistant in the Management Information Systems arena.  He will be a loyal and dedicated employee to any employer who shows appropriate and reasonable respect for his truly remarkable professional knowledge, talents, and capabilities.


E. L. Andrews

Division Manager


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