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ISA Server 2004 Course 2824b Exam 70-350

Module 1 Practice Test

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ISA 2004 Module1

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Core functions of the ISA Server 2004 include a Firewall, a Proxy Server, a Caching Server, a VPN Server for remote access, a Gateway for published mail and web site access and an Enterprise Level Intrusion Detection system.


ISA Server 2004 utilizes and extends the RRAS service of Windows Server 2003 for VPN access.  Although the RRAS service is running, all configuration must be performed on the ISA Server MMC.


ISA Server 2004 can function as a Proxy and Caching server with a single NIC.  To function as a Firewall, a VPN server or as a Publishing server, , the ISA Server must be multihomed.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Identify how ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition differs from the Standard Edition.
Stores configuration in the Registry
Utilizes CSS and ADAM to store configuration data
Supports NLB
Supports VPN quarantine
Supports Proxy server and caching


Identify the new secure VPN connection method available for site to site VPN access which is not available for remote access users.
IPSec tunnel mode

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