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ISA Server 2004 Course 2824b Exam 70-350

Module 4 Practice Test

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ISA Server 2004 MS2824b Module 4

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Packet filtering inspects information only the in the transport and internet layer headers and is hence, very fast; Egress filtering prevents packets from entering the external interface with an internal address; You cannot create packet filters directly in ISA Sever 2004;, you must create access rules; Packet filters are not application aware; they filter packets based upon the standard port.
Of the above statements, there is:
One true
Three true
Two true
All true


Stateful filtering examines the status of the IP header and determines whether the packet is in response to a request from the internal network;  stateful filtering utilizes dynamic packet filtering which ensures utilizaton of ports only so long as a valid session exists; application filtering requires the installation of IIS on the application server; application filters can inspect an entire packet checking for unacceptable data and commands.
Of the above statements, there is:
One true
Three true
Two true
All true


You suspect that certain users have installed a peer to peer file sharing application that is not approved for your network.  The application uses a custom protocol for network communication. 
How would you configue ISA Server 2004 to prevent users from utilizing this application.?
Create an application filter to block the traffic
Create an access rule to block the port used by the custom application.
Do nothing because the application is block by the built in filters
Configure a packet filter to block the port used by the application


You are the System Administrator for a small company.  You are deploying ISA Server 2004 as your perimeter firewall.  By default, ISA Server can be managed by MMC or by using terminal services.  You plan to mangage ISA from your Windows XP machine which has the lastest SPs.  You install the MMC from the ISA installation CD but you can’t connect to the ISA server.  You even try to remote in but that doesn’t either.
What is the most likely problem?
You haven’t been assigned the ISA Administrator’s role
You need to create an Access rule including your machine as a source to ISA access
You must ensure that the network you are on is identified as an internal network.
You must add your computer to the built-in Remote Management Computers computer set

Match the item with its description.
Sequence Number
Application Layer
Source Address
Windows Sockets
Network Interface Layer


Allows applications to bind to an IP address and Port


Provides unreliable, best effort delivery service; no sequence numbers


Reliable delivery by means of sequence numbers and acknowledgments


Includes source and destination addresses for physical nodes on network


Number of the first byte of data in a TCP segment


Defines protocols that applications use to communicate on the network


Includes software addressing and routing of packets between networks


The hardware or IP address of the sending host
Identify the True statements regarding the ISA Server 2004 Intrustion detection features from the list below.


Not robust enough to be considered an Enterprise level IDS solution


A firewall and IDS System prevents an intrusion.


Detects intrusions at the Application and IP layers


Monitors at the perimeter and host layers of a network


Monitors for well-known vulnerabilities only


IDS can be configured to provide alerts when an intrusion is detected
Identify whether the statements are a) True or b) False regarding a Perimeter network


Prevents direct access by external sources to the internal network


Separated from the external network by a firewall or router


Contains publically accessible resources


By default, has a NAT relationship with the External network with the 3-leg perimeter template


If Routed to the Internet, access to Perimeter resources provided by Access Rules


To publish services from the Perimeter, the server must be configured as a SecureNAT client.


If a NAT relationship to the Internet exists, access to Perimeter resourses is provided by Access rules


With a Back to Back perimeter network, best practice is to use two different firewall vendors for Front and Back end firewalls.

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