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Rick Goldmeyer


To Whom It May Concern:

  I would like to offer this letter of recommendation for Mr. Harper to aid in your deliberations about his potential for employment with your firm.  As his current supervisor, I have a good understanding of both his performance and his potential for future performance.

  First, let me assure you that I am not releasing Mr. Harper for any reason other than lack of applicable work.  I have long since learned that the words “status” and “quo” should never occur in the same sentence relative to the software systems development business.  While Mr. Harper has considerable skill and a superior ability to learn new skills, we simply lack work appropriate to those skills at this time and are forced to revise the workforce accordingly.

  With that said, let me assure your that Mr. Harper is both dedicated and skilled.  A couple of key points:

·       His dedication knows no bounds.  The concept of “normal” working hours has no meaning.  What is important is the project and when it is due.

·       His list of skills and experience is extensive.  If it relates to software development, the software development process, the details of PC, network, or server installation and testing, or system maintenance he has been there, done that, and excelled along the way.

·       He has continued to learn and expand on his skill repertoire through personal study, subscriptions to training and developer groups, and practice.  He will tackle any job regardless of difficulty.

·       He has very good management skills.  He writes well, understands the technology, is able to explain the technology to those less knowledgeable, and grasps quickly the long-term implications of both technical and political decisions.

I recommend him for your consideration.  He has been a valued employee with PRC and its predecessor companies for over thirteen years.  It is with great reluctance that I offer him for your consideration.


F. R. Goldmeyer

Senior Manager


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